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Related post: Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 03:14:45 -0700 (PDT) From: raoul raoul Subject: raoul-and sergio 5There are no limits as to what a man's mind gay model pics and body can do when he sets himself to it. All the more so, when it's all driven by sex, desire and a constant admiration of the male physique. And a healthy mind will set out to explore and live out its wildest fantasies. naked fitness models And such was the mood the Sergio, Raoul's father, woke up in today. Of brunette models nude all four men under his roof, he was the one whose sexual desire seemed indefatigable. And as he laid there, looking at the rising sun through his bay virginia model teen windows, feeling out his son's ass as the 18 berlin models year old russian child models lay glamorous models peeing next to him, he was thinking that he wanted more. 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"It seems that way.At around one o'clock, Sergio and Raoul got on the Harley and drove into the nearest town. pretens russian models Sergio had a specific plan in mind which, of course, he'd kept secret from his son. Yet Raoul suspected something since his dad had laid out his clothes for him: a sleeveless black t-shirt, tight white shorts that were to be worn without a thong and an old white pari of sneakers, no socks.All that Sergio had decided to wear were his cut off shorts argentina nude model and his old biker download sexy modellen boots. As Raoul sat behind his dad on the humming bike, he wondered was the man had in mind.Sergio parked the Harley alongside other bikes in front of Chico's bar. An old biker joint that no one ever went to. At least not free 13year teenmodel Raoul."You go ahead inside," Sergio said. "I have an errand to run across the street, i'll be right in, ok?""Sure ..." said Raoul and purposely strutting his ass for his dad, pushed open the door of the bar.Sure enough, as could be suspected, the inside was poorly lit with the clich^ beer and whiskey neons flashing in bright yellow and red colors. The actual bar ran preeteen model topless along the length of the room, and there were diverse pool table and pin balls here and nadja teen model there. An old TV was playing a football game. Raoul walked up to the bar, at which sat about seven other men, and Chico, the owner, bare chested, came up to sexy asian models him."What will it be, son?""Coke, I hott bikini models guess ...""If you want something stronger, no problem. No cops ever come here ...""Make it a scotch, then," Raoul tried to sound macho."One scotch for the boy! Coming right up..." and Raoul watched as Chico turned his back to him to fetch a glass. The man must have been his dad's age, early fifties, had long chestnut colored hair which he kept back young models 2 in a pony tail, brazen tattoos on each arm and was wearing cut off jeans as well."Here you go playboy model galleries ..." he said and handed the Raoul his drink.Although he was slightly nervous at first, Raoul, now one whiskey stronger, decided to look around at the other men sitting around. Their faces were blurred to him, but amateur models topless each and every one had a body porno models nudes built like a shit brick house. SOme had their shirts off, others on, but all were wearing jeans and boots. Needless to say, he looked slightly out of place, but none of the men made he feel that way.When Sergio finally walked in, bare chested, he waved hello to Chico automatically served him a beer. 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Sergio said and ran his hand down the length of the boy's back.""Yeah ... no problem here, man," replied Chico."No problem, huh?""No problem.""And what if I decided to do this to my nude model korea own son in this bar," asked Sergio and slipped his hand into the boys shorts and left in allintext child model on his ass."Sergio ... you trying to tell us something here?""No man ... it's just sexy home models that my son here seems bothered by it all, that's all ...""Free country, dude. hot kdz models You do what you want in this bar ...""What I want, huh?""Whatever you fucking feel like doing ...""Fine ..." and christina model blog Sergio went behind 12y child model his son, slipped off the boy's shirt in front of everyone and guided his hands onto the boys tits."Dad ...""Shut up, Raoul ..."Sergio then started to kiss his son's neck, pinching his nipples all underground youngmodels the while. As he did so, Raoul decided to let himself go and threw his head back on his dad and let himself be fondled freely."That's it boy ... don't resist me ..." his dad said and both his hands fetish modelling met and slipped into the front end of his artistic model photo shorts.Meanwhile, the other men had stopped playing pool, stopped watching the football game teen columbian model and all eyes were now fixed on the father/son nubile model pics team."Get down off the stool," Sergio ordered his son.Raoul obeyed and Sergio slipped the csm model picture boy's shorts pregnant supermodel off and threw them behind the bar. Raoul was now standing there naked, wearing nothing but his old sneakers ... his hands holding onto the counter.Sergio kicked his son's legs open, unzipped his fly, let out his long erection and without warning, slipped it into his son's already wet cunt. With one hand holding nude sandra model onto the boy's shoulder, the other topless model at his side, Sergio watched his cock slide in and out of Raoul's ass.Chico went to the front door and locked taiwan model pics it and returned to Sergio's side and also watched the throbbing cock crack the boy's ass. He slipped his jeans off, took off his boots and naked, started to jack off at Sergio's side. Sergio turned to watch Chico little boys model masturbate and then grabbed the man by the back of his head and kissed him."You want to fuck my son joung bikini models ...?" he said in between two slurps."Yeah man .... let me have sexy nakedmodels his cunt for a few ..."Sergio withdrew his cock and Chico took his place. Chico's cock was shorter than Sergio's but hottest girl models much wider and when he penetrated the boy, Raoul let out a loud moan.Chico fucked him for a few minutes and then then alternatively, both he and Sergio thrust their dicks into Raoul's ass.Soon, the other bikers around them started moaning too. Sergio then brought his naked son over to the pool table, pushed him on his back, brought the boys legs up to his shoulders and picked up where he'd left off."Line up, gentlemen ..." he said to the others as they queued up behind him, waiting for their turn to crack the boy's ass.And for a good two hours, each man fucked Raoul copiously. Each cock ramming the boy fully as he did his best not to touch his own cock in order not to explode. When all had come, including his own dad, into his ass, they led him out back and made him lay on the dirt ground. They encircled him, held their somewhat still hard erections, and let go their jets of piss on the boy who was now jacking himself off. When they were all through, Chico got a hose and cleaned the boy off."Make sure to keep that cum inside your ass, son," Sergio said to him as they walked back to the Harley. "I know one slut who's going to love slurping it out jennifer walcott model of you," he said referring to Juan.When they got back to the house, Juan was massaging a naked Mbato by the pool. Sergio undressed, dove into the pool and recounted the event to the two men. Instinctively, model submission bdsm Juan then got behind Raoul and started to suck to load of cum that had been shot into him as Raoul moaned in ecstasy.As M and Sergio watched, the African said "You're making him ready, aren't you?""Yes ..." whispered Sergio. "I am.""Very good," said M who was still laying face down on the edge of the pool. Sergio got out sandra howard model and laid his beretta model 88 dripping body on top of his black lover, his cock getting hard again amuture teen models as it came into contact with the black ass."Let me, car bikini model M ... just once ... let me ..." Sergio beckoned into his ear.M, whose head was resting on his crossed arm, his eyes closed as he was enjoying the feel of his lover's cool body, said "Try it and you episodes teen model will see what happens ... but it's at your own risk, yes?"But Sergio didn't care. Even though the memory of M's eldest son came flashing back to him. The three men were sandra model earlyworks fucking one African afternoon and the boy had gotten bold enough, after fucking Sergio like a horse, to try and penetrate black nn model his napping father. Sergio had watched, not warning the boy, as he climbed on his dad, his preeteen model girls erection throbbing with forbidden excitement as it neared the dominating African's hole.In less time than it took to say "fuck" the boy had been thrown to the other side model pre panty of the room and had suffered two broken ribs.The memory now vivid, Sergio hesitated. "Mbato, I have jacked off so many times at the thought of bringing you this intense pleasure ... you have no idea. Please allow me to do this to you ..."But child models naturism M digital nude models said nothing. Juan, having swallowed Raoul's very young models ass juices, was now inside the pool with the boy, and they both watched as Sergio negotiated. Both of them could feel the tension, both of them now afraid as to what would happen, since violence had never entered the house before.But Sergio was now growing impatient. His slid his body on top of M's wildly, moaning as he licked the African's back, bathed his thighs with his tongue. "M, you must let me ..." his voice was no longer a whisper. "You must allow me to make you feel this manly pleasure ... let my cum bathe your insides, M ... let my cock worship the very innards of your body, Mbato ..."But Mbato said nothing. teeny nnude models Moved nothing.Juan and Raoul were motionless as well.Only Sergio moved about M's body like a bitch in heat.The elitesexymodels sun's late afternoon rays were swimsuit models preeteen now beating harshly on the men, adding to an already growing tension.But it seemed to have a reverse effect on Sergio. The man laid his body back down on the porn models teen African and said loud enough for the boys to hear, "I love you, Mbato ..." and with that, he closed his eyes.Neither Juan nor Raoul could see what was going on, since M's ass literally engulfed Sergio's crotch. Neither could tell whether Sergio was penetrating M since both men in front of them were motionless and now silent. But at one point, Raoul saw his father's ass move up and down slightly. He nudged Juan who now too saw that the white man had succeeded in roller coaster models penetrating Mbato. Slowly, ac130 model Sergio's ass arched out and then back gay teenage models in as he dyme models held on tightly to M. "I love you ..." he picture nude modell repeated as he continued to fuck M.Suddenly, M's eyes modelo hombre escort opened. naked swedish model And then very slowly, he moved one hand back and rested it on Sergio's ass. "Harder," he moaned. adrienne black model "Harder lover ..."Relieved, Sergio now gave his lover full thrusts, full fucking thrusts of his cock as the moist flesh of Mbato's hole welcomed his cock."More ..." moaned Mbato. "More, Sergio ..." And he then slowly raised his body and teen models centerfolds was on all fours as Sergio continued to fuck him. "Yeah ....! I've been saving my self for you, lover ... fuck me baby .. all these years I've been saving my hole for your cock, Sergio ..."Mbato was letting loose. Sergio fucked him madly, even slapping his black ass a few times. "More!" M cried out. "MORE! DEEPER!"Sergio then motioned at Juan who, erect, got out of the pool and slid his body beneath Mbato's. "Yeah ... more cock ..." the black man yelled out. "More fucking cock!" Juan slid down hot toppless models so that his shaft lined up with M's hole. Sergio withdrew his cock, the African impaled his ass on Juan's shaft moaning loudly as he did so and then Sergio teen model nataralist penetrated his black stud again. Two cocks jr nude models were now fucking the once dominating African. Raoul jacked himself off as he watched from the pool when Mbato yelled out, "Get over eurasian model interracial here!"Raoul got out, stood right in front of Mbato, his feet planted right above Juan's head, and the black men bent down boys photos models and started to lick the boy's tender feet.Raoul couldn't believe his eyes as the man suckled and licked the top of his feet. modelmayhem bondage His tongue then started to move up his leg, up his muscular thighs and then reached his cock.And the scene was wild: the huge African lord being double fucked and sucking on Raoul's cock for dear life.All super models nude three men came after about half an hour of furiously pounding M's ass and mouth. The only one who remained filled was M himself. As they all got back into the pool to cool their bodies off, Mbato smiled."Every man modelo famosa porno longs to be another's bitch ... no matter what, no matter how macho, dominating they may be. And I svetlana model wanted to be yours, Sergio ..."But although Sergio had now fulfilled his wildest fantasy, he was somewhat disappointed that his lover had not cum. Guessing that, M swam over to Raoul and hugged the boy from behind."It's time," Mbato whispered into Raoul's ear," and he led the boy by the hand out of the swimming pool and into the house. Sergio and Juan followed the two men into Mbato's bedroom and sat figure drawing model down in a far corner to watch as the black god laid his body on the bed.Raoul, despite his yearning for Mbato's cock, despite his desire to become the African's bitch, was frightened. Confronted with the enormous black erection that draped itself across M's thigh, as the black man leaned petite model topsite back on the headboard, the notion of pain - for the very first time - hit him.As he stood car girls models at the foot of the bed, feeling Juan and his father's gaze, he fondled himself loosely but just stood there."Come son ... climb on the bed now. It's time for me to make bbwtales models you scoreland models my son. To make you a real man ... don't be afraid. Come and ukrainian little models nurse my cock cam model forum for me ... come here baby and rub your face into my crotch like you know how to preten girl model do ..."Raoul turned to face his dad."Go on, son ... go bra model nonude on. We're all family now ... go and belong to him as well," Sergio said.Raoul hunnypot models turned to Mbato again preteeh models and hesitantly climbed on the bed. Comments?
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